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The Rise of the Jack o'Lanterns


In my ongoing attempt to get into the autumn and Halloween spirit, I forced B to attend The Rise with me this past weekend. He was hesitant at first, worried that it would be for kids. Although he was completely right, that didn't stop us from having a great time. The event was held at Descanso Gardens. I sometimes drive home through that area so I was anxious to check it out and see if it's worth revisiting during the day, which it totally is.


The whole atmosphere was really perfect. There were stands selling popcorn, hot chocolate and apple cider as well as a gift shop with some amazing Halloween knick knacks and treats. (There was no way I could resist buying this!) After passing through the shopping area and entering the gardens, you begin a short trail that leads through all of these little twists and turns and around each bend is a completely impossibly jack o'lantern sculpture — everything from skeleton sports players to the cast of Sesame Street. Although it was definitely a bit more "family friendly" than I am used to, I still had a blast ogling all of the amazing pieces  and reveling in the darkness for a while. We even got lucky with the weather — it was a crisp 79 degrees that night.


I've been here for a few years but I still feel like I am in a constant state of flux and adjustment. Fall is an especially hard time for me, so I love doing dorky celebratory things like this just to remind myself that there are, in fact, still seasons — even if it barely feels that way in LA.