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A Few Hours In An Arctic Life Zone


I was so excited to finally take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway this past weekend. I've been curious about it ever since first driving into Palm Springs a few years ago, but there always ended up being some reason why it didn't work out. This past weekend, I was in the area for work and I was determined to make it happen — not least of all because I heard it would be thirty degrees cooler up there.


The trip up was breathtaking — crazy views and the slightly terrifying sensation of swinging as you quickly climb up a mountain through the air. But being at the top was what I most enjoyed. The climate at the summit changes from a burning hot desert to a breezy arctic life zone. One thing I miss about living anywhere but LA: trees! So many gorgeous, tall, green trees. Palm trees long ago lost their novelty for me and now I crave things like the sturdy pine trees I remember so well from growing up in New Hampshire. B and I walked around for a few hours gazing at the completely different environment we were suddenly in. It made me nostalgic and homesick — I get that way every Autumn — but also excited because we decided to come back and stay the weekend at one of the campsites.