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It's Almost Fall Somewhere


It certainly doesn't feel like fall in Los Angeles, but I'm an east coast girl through and through and my body is in tune with the seasons, no matter the weather. Autumn has always been a nostalgic time for me, but it's so much worse now that I live somewhere where the weather never seems to change. I long for a cool, crisp day with a sharp dampness in the air. The thought of hearing my shoes crunch on dead leaves while my breath mists in front of me fills me with an ache I can't describe. I haven't experiences a real New England fall since leaving three years ago. I've been back a few times, but never at this, the most perfect time of year... Tonight B was feeling a bit sickly and the weather briefly dropped below ninety degrees, so I offered to make a stew. Inspired by this wonderful recipe but with all kinds of other goodies mixed in (potatoes, carrots, chickpeas and pumpkin butter). The fresh kale on top is really divine. This stew would be perfect for those sharp fall days where the tops of your ears tingle in the cold wind and you cuddle up in a thick sweater, watching the leaves fall and the sky turn grey. Someday, I will be back there and I will be bringing this recipe.

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