Blog of New York-based graphic and web designer, Jeralyn Mason.

Christmas Vacation

B and I haven't been on any "real" vacations since moving to LA. Because all of my family and most of my friends are on the east coast, we end up spending all of our vacation time going back to visit them. I'm not complaining, but we were overdue for something special so this year we planned a short trip to New Orleans before visiting my parents in Florida. This was my first time visiting New Orleans and I was beyond excited. The city lived up to all of my expectations! A friend said that it wouldn't matter what I did there because "that place is so full of magic and so up your alley" — a sentiment that turned out to be completely true. My favorite parts of our trip were simply walking around and exploring the different neighborhoods. Soaking in the different views and landscapes. History seems to vibrate from every corner and that is something that I love to be around.

We stayed close to the French Quarter, which I know is a very touristy area, but for a short trip like this (three days), it was perfect. We were able to walk to pretty much everywhere straight from the hotel. I loved exploring all of the old streets, constantly hearing music and drinking cafe au lait. The city was crawling with people due to the holiday, but I didn't mind. It's easy to feel so isolated in Los Angeles since you spend so much time in your car so navigating through crowds was a welcome change.

Visiting a few cemeteries was definitely one of the highlights of the trip and not just because of my gothic sensibilities. I just love being in places where you can feel the history emanating from every surface — where imagining all the people who have passed through the same spots is not only easy, it is automatic. But even so, I would be hard-pressed to choose one specific aspect that I enjoyed the most. The city is beautiful and it truly is full of magic. I will definitely be visiting again.