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2016 In Brief

Writing/journaling/blogging has been a huge part of my life since I was a teenager and first created a zine called Spelling Problems. I would fill it with my ramblings, photocopy it and send it out to people that I only knew through AOL chat rooms. I soon took Spelling Problems online and learned how to write html and build websites. I wrote daily cryptic semi-poetry, having no idea who--if anyone--was actually looking at it. There was a lull for a few years between when I stopped doing Spelling Problems and started I'll Wear Any Color As Long As It's Black. This was a Wordpress site, which made updating it a lot easier (for years, I did everything manually). I started to really enjoy it but then a close friend unexpectedly died and my world turned upside down for a while. She had appeared regularly on the blog and when I saw that people were searching for her name and finding the blog, I felt the need to shut it down. I thought that I would eventually restart it, but it never happened. And every time I rework my portfolio, I vow to start writing again and updating it regularly whether or not anyone is looking. Obviously that didn't happen in 2016. But I have a pretty good excuse: I decided to move back to New York. It took a bit of planning, mainly getting rid of lots of things since I had no idea what kind of apartment we would end up in (and we had been living in a two bedroom house in LA). Eventually everything was packed, the cats were ready to go in their new carriers (but I felt horrible and I never want to do that to them again) and we boarded a plane to Boston. A cousin was getting married, so we timed the move to arrive right before that, then stay at my parents' house in New Hampshire for a few weeks before heading to NYC to stay in a sublet for what turned into five weeks. It was worth it though because we found an amazing apartment that I adore. I decided to completely revamp my interior decorating style. Gone were all the vintage, antique-y, gold and over the top decorations. Goodbye to all of the rich velvet colors and goth stylings. While I still love that style, I felt that this new beginning required newness all around. A lighter, brighter style. White walls, white everywhere, lots of natural and light grey linen, modern furniture, mostly bare walls and plenty of areas for the cats to play. Since we were coming from a much bigger space with stairs and lots of windows, I knew that I needed to really "cat-ify" this place for them. I put sheepskin rugs on the deep windowsills to create sleeping/perch areas. Instead of tall shelves, we have longer shelves that are low enough for the cats to jump up and hang out on. Plenty of Ikea hacks, including two Besta Cabinet litter boxes and a Lack Table cat condo. Cushions, beds and scratchers everywhere. But, due to extensive planning, everything goes together and the place never feels overcrowded (a huge feat with two people, two cats and 1000 records in a one bedroom apartment). B and I found new jobs and before we knew it, summer was here and we were visiting Cape Cod and upstate New York whenever possible. Then it was fall and Halloween, a time I had seriously missed on the west coast. We went apple picking and pumpkin-patching. The other holidays followed soon after, my thirty-fifth birthday being squished in there right after Thanksgiving. Another Christmas in Florida with my family and now we are back and the entire year is gone. And although New Year's resolutions are cliche, I've decided to really try to stick with a few things this year. Writing is one of them. We'll see how it goes.


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